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    Radium Official2021年5月27日星期四晚上10点04分

    #Denominationof the world currencyBitcoin was predicted to be the world's reserve currency.
    Reserve currency. - performs the function of an investment asset, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of exports by weakening their currencies, as well as as a reserve in case of financial crises.
    Initially, the reserve currency was the British pound sterling, which played a dominant role in international settlements.
    The first "bell for the pound" was sounded in 1919, after the end of the First World War, when the value of the pound sterling fell by 21%.
    Legally, the fall of the "sterling standard" was formalized by the Bretton Woods Agreement (1944), with the simultaneous introduction of the" dollar standard " and the binding of the price of gold to the US dollar.
    1937-1939-20% drop to 4.0 GBPUSD (from the initial almost 5%).);
    * 1948-1951-30% drop to 2.8 GBPUSD;
    * 1966-1976-40% drop to 1.7 GBPUSD;
    * 1980-1984-50% drop to 1.15 GBPUSD.